Clamouring towards me

Hi, I hope you are doing well, and defrosting by a warm heater somewhere. It was International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December, first coined by the United Nations in 1992. I am not sure I did anything in particular to mark the occasion… other than letting myself relax in bed and rest without guilt.

I had a spare 10 minutes today so I wrote this short poem, and maybe the feeling of being lost in (mis)communication might resonate with you.

I saw her across the room, and instantly it began
Her eyes lit up, and words spewed out of her mouth
The letters stumbled upon one another, all jumbled up
Clamouring towards me as fast as they could
This, and that, and everything in between
Colours, emotions and the mundane in-between
Alas, as the words inched closer, they bounced off me
Falling to the ground and disappearing
She did not notice though, her mind was still unloading
And it did not take me long to piece together why I could not switch on
Of course, my hearing aids were not switched on!
She did not notice though, her mind was still unloading
And surely, it would be unkind to stop her now!

Just an untidy ramble of thoughts, no Rumi here!

Ashna x

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